Our Menu


$3.49French Toast

$4.49Chocolate Chip Pancakes

$2.302 Eggs

$3.292 Eggs Home Fries

$4.99Hot Cakes and Meat

$4.892 Eggs Home Fries, Bacon or Sausage

$3.49Hot Cakes

$4.59Blueberry Pancakes

$4.592 Eggs Ham Bacon or Sausage

$4.99French Toast and Meat

Breakfast Specials

$5.49Early Bird

2 Eggs, Ham, Home Fries and Toast

$9.596 oz Steak and Eggs

Sirloin steak, eggs, home fries and coffee

$6.89Corned Beef Hash

Homemade brisket, 2 eggs, toast.



$4.10McFrank Bagel

Choice of bacon or ham egg cheese on a bagel.

Breakfast Ala Carte

Egg Whites Add $1.38

$3.594 Strips Bacon

$2.25Bear Claws

$1.70English Muffin


White, Wheat, Rye or Texas Toast

$2.452 Hot Cakes

$1.991 Slice French Toast



$2.25Home Fries

$2.89Slice of Ham

$2.40Hot Cereal

$2.89Sausage Links

$2.602 Slices of French Toast

$2.892 Sausage Patties


$7.79B.L.T Wrap

Bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo served with french fries.

$7.99Buffalo Chicken Wrap

Buffalo chicken strips blu cheese.

$7.99Philly Wraps

Shaved rib eye fried onions and peppers, cheese topped with A-1 sauce.

$7.99Breakfast Wrap

Scrambled eggs. Choice of sausage or bacon or ham served with home fries.

Club Sandwiches

$7.59Turkey Club

Turkey bacon, tomato, lettuce, cheese on your choice of bread.

$7.59Roast Beef Club

Tomato, lettuce, bacon, cheese on your choice of bread.

$7.59Tuna Club

Tuna, bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese on your choice of bread.

$7.59Meat Loaf Club

Bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese on your choice of bread.

Hot Sandwiches

$7.39Buffalo Chicken

Breaded cutlet dipped in our own hot sauce with a side of bleu cheese.

$7.39Cheese Steak

Shaved rib eye, cheese, grilled onions.

$7.59Chicken Parm

Breaded cutlet, sauce, muzzy cheese.

$7.10Cheese Quesadilla

Three cheese jack, cheddar and muzzy.

$6.89Hot Meat Loaf

$7.39Chicken Cutlet Sandwich

Breaded chicken filet.

$7.59Chicken Quesadilla

Chicken, three cheese, jalapenos.


$5.59Cheddar Omelette

$5.59Cheese Omelette

$6.10Ham and Cheese Omelette

$6.10Spanish Omelette

Salsa, peppers and cheddar jack cheese.

$7.10Garbage Omelette

Everything but the can.

$6.10Bacon Cheese Omelette

$6.10Mushroom and Cheese Omelette

$7.10Philly Omelette

Shaved rib eye, cheese, peppers and onions.

$6.10Western Omelette

Onions, peppers and ham.

6 oz. Burgers

$6.89Bacon Cheeseburger

$6.59Deluxe Burger

Lettuce, tomato, onion and cheese.

$7.10Western Burger

Fried onions, bacon, cheese and BBQ sauce cooked to your liking.



$7.59Mic Burger

8oz. Fresh hand pressed with all the fixings.

$6.79Mushroom Swiss Burger

Grilled Sandwiches

$5.59Grilled Ham & Cheese

$5.89Grilled Bacon & Cheese

$3.99Chili Dog

$5.79Grilled Tuna & Cheese

$7.29Reuben Sandwich

Homemade brisket, sauerkraut 1000 island dressing grilled on rye.


$3.59Hot Dog

$3.59Grilled Cheese

$7.10Marinated Chicken Sandwich


$8.10Buffalo Tenders

Tenders dipped in our hot sauce, served with bleu cheese.

$8.29Liver & Onions

Liver smothered with onions and bacon served with potato veggie and homemade roll.

$8.59Hamburger Steak

Ground beef cooked to your liking.

$8.99Breaded Pork Steak

$8.10Chicken Tenders

Tenders lightly breaded.

$7.59Meat Loaf

Our special recipe is wrapped in bacon and served with potatoes veggie and homemade roll.

$7.39Hot Hamburg

6 oz. burger with gravy.

$7.79Ham Steak/Pineapple

$9.298 oz. Steak

Cooked to your liking.

Kids Meals

12 & Under.

$4.69Hot Dog

$4.59Grilled Cheese

$4.89Chicken Tenders

$4.29French Toast Sticks/1 Sausage Patty

Senior Items

60+ With Smaller Appetite

$5.8940 oz. Meat Loaf Dinner

$5.104 oz. Hamburg

$5.491 Piece Liver Dinner

$5.494 oz. Roast Beef Dinner

Lite Combo Platter

$6.10Chicken Atop Greens

Sliced chicken breast served a top greens.

$6.10Cold Plate

Ham, turkey atop greens side of mac salad.

$5.79Tuna Atop Greens

Tuna salad.

$6.29Buffalo Chicken Salad

Buffalo chicken strips atop greens.

$6.10Chef Salad

Lettuce, tomato, cheese, egg, ham with your choice of dressing.


$2.89Fruit Pies

$4.20Strawberry Shortcake

$3.59Cream Pies



Unlimited when ordering food.


$2.80Orange Juice

$2.00Large Soda

Refill free when purchasing food.


When in season.


$1.89Hot Chocolate

$2.80Chocolate Milk

$2.75Grapefruit Juice

$2.49Tomato Juice

$2.00Med Soda

$2.00Ice Tea